PLEASE NOTE: I am not a trained naturopath or aromatherapist. I don't make any specific claims about the therapeutic benefits of anything that I make. If you have any allergies, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, please do some research and make your own decisions about whether you want to use any of these products.  - Thanks, Dee.
I began making lotions because I was looking for something to
suit me. When I started wearing contact lenses, I noticed that
most face creams caused my eyes to have a small reaction that
resulted in my lenses 'swimming' in my eyes!

I was sick of wasting money on buying a product and then
having to throw it out a few days later. I decided to see if I could
make my own, and I figured that I had to do it with the highest
quality, natural products that I could find.

As time went on I was asked by friends, and friends' of friends, if I could make various things,
taking into account personal preferences and allergies etc. Upon request, I can also make the
lotions up without the essential oils (some people prefer not to use essential oils while using
homeopathic remedies or while pregnant/breastfeeding).