Feedback over time has led me to change the way I offer my products for sale.

One of the philosophies behind Deesign Products is to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This didn't work out so well when I realised that I was packaging product for Market Days and then having to dispose of older product in containers as time passed.

Meanwhile, return customers were happily reusing their packaging. The only issue was the postage to send containers back for me to refill. Then two lovely women (thanks Francine and Tanya) had a bright idea - send us the cream in a glad bag, we can refill our own containers.
This system has worked so well that it has now business as usual.

Here is how you can purchase your Deesign Products:

1. Select the product that you would like to purchase.

2. Decide how many grams you would like to purchase.
(This is a great way for you to try out new products. 10gr should last you long enough to find out if you like the product).

If this is your first purchase and you would like a container,
3. Go to the container page and pick which container you would like. All the containers are refillable.

If you are not selecting a container, the cream comes in a GLAD* Bag. Also sent to you is an alcohol swab and a wooden popsicle stick.

1. Wash your container thoroughly, allow to air dry (or use a paper towel).
2. Wipe the inside with the alcohol swab.
3. Snip a TINY bit off the corner of the Glad Bag (it can be bigger if you're putting the cream in a jar).
4. Squeeze the cream from the bag into your container (much like as icing bag).
5. Bang the bottom of the container on a solid surface to get the air bubbles out. You can also use the sticks to help you with this step.
6. Put the lid back on your container.

Note: it is with great disappointment that I've had to abandon sending creams out in a compostable bags. For very local deliveries I can still use the compostable bags, but the breathable nature of the bag combined with delays in delivery by NZ Post have meant the products are not arriving in an ideal condition. I am, however, using the GLAD oxo degradable bags that are able to be recycled.